Top 5 Money Books by Nigerian Authors

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You will agree that for a long time, there was not much literature on the subject of money or wealth creation from the Nigerian perspective. For decades, we have had to make do with books written mostly by American authors. Books like “Think and Grow Rich“, “Multiple Streams of Income“, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” “Billionaire Next Door”, and a host of others dominated the scene.

Though inspiring and helpful, I usually felt there was something lacking in them. They were not written with the Nigerian situation in mind. The authors wrote for the American market even though some of the principles are applicable in other parts of the globe.

Today, we are beginning to “tell our own stories” in the area of wealth creation and management. I have read a number of books on money written by Nigerian authors and find them absolutely intriguing. Grab a seat as I share with you top 5 money books by Nigerian writers.  In no particular order:

  1. Dangote’s 10 Commandments on Money
dangotes ten commandments
Have you ever wondered how Dangote became one of the world’s richest men? Peter Anosike in “Dangote’s Ten Commandments on Money” answers this question as well as a myriad of other questions on entrepreneurship. It is a motivational book that seeks to build the entrepreneurial spirit in youths and a fitting tribute to one of the most successful businessmen of this generation. Through the strategies and principles described as “ten commandments”, you will learn how to make, manage and multiply money from one of the world’s richest. If you’re thinking wealth creation or shopping for an ideal gift for a younger one you care about, this could make a great gift.
2. The School of Money
school of money

The School of Money provides insight into wealth creation. It contains pragmatic principles on how to generate and execute business ideas. Described as the enterpreneur’s blue print, it comes highly recommended for anyone who seriously desires to get out of the rat race. The author, Olumide Emmanuel, a leading motivational speaker and life coach has mentored quite a number of people on entrepreneurship. It is a widely sought after book and you should consider including it in your reading list this year.

3. Skills That Pay the Bills

skills that pay the bills

I call this book the “skills handbook”. The author, Emi Iyalla offers practical steps to acquiring skills relevant in today’s highly competitive job market and further provides insights into how to re-tool your existing skills. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to earn a decent living and keep afloat in this harsh economy.

4.  1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

1000 practical

Sunkanmi Vaughan offers over 1000 practical business ideas that you may never have thought of. After reading this book, you will realise that most of the opportunities we ignore and count as insignificant can actually be turned to cash. This well-researched, well-written and easy-to-read book discusses several money-making ventures in the different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

It’s the No 1 business opportunity handbook for everyone- whether you’ve just lost your job, still working but looking for an extra stream of income or just concluded NYSC. It is also valuable for students who wish to support themselves in school.

You will also learn where and how you can get funding for your business idea and how you can protect your idea.

Sunkanmi Vaughan is a consultant, University of Lagos-trained pharmacist and speaker who helps individuals and organisations overcome the challenges of business start up and survival.

His consulting firm, Biz Lifelines has attracted numerous clients including businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs.

5.  Money Won’t Make You Rich

money wont

Sunday Adelaja examines the subject of money from the biblical point of view. When you understand God’s principles about finances, you can control your money without letting it control you. In this practical, inspirational guide, Pastor Adelaja combines biblical truth, financial advice, and his own life experiences to explain such topics as:

  • The meaning of prosperity
  • The nature of poverty
  • The secret of success and four principles of continuous success
  • Three laws to making your money work for you
  • The reason for financial failure
  • And much more
 Have you read any good book on money in recent times? Feel free to share. I would like to hear from you.
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