The Domestication of Munachi by Ifesinachi Okpagu


In a society where marriage is considered the be-all and end-all, Munachi rose to challenge the status quo by doing the unimaginable. Like Maggie Carpenter in the Runaway bride movie, she eloped to the chagrin of everyone, on her wedding day thus putting an end to the celebration of a marriage painstakingly arranged by her parents.

She confided in just one person- Adanna, her timid elder sister who was trapped in an unhappy and abusive marriage arranged the same way.  Both sisters were haunted by a past- a past they struggled to overcome. However, unlike Adanna, Munachi refused to be stampeded into marriage.

Strongly craving more of what life could offer beyond marriage, Adanna left Awka town for the ever-bustling Lagos city. She found solace in her aunt- the rich, classy, and misogamistic Aunt Chimuanya who was elated at her niece’s defiance. She had plans for Munachi but helping her secure a job was not one of them. Rather she made her believe that the fastest way to live the Lagos dream was to become a mistress to some wealthy business man.

Meanwhile, Adanna endured her husband’s persistent physical and emotional assault. She soon found the will to fight back and courageously returned to her parents’ home.

Adanna unknowingly got entangled in a money-driven, roller-coaster affair with KJ who was husband to Aunt Chimuanya’s best friend, Nkoli. With this twist of events, she was thrown into the cold streets of Lagos.  Would she run again? Where and to whom would she run? Find out in this amazing story.

The Domestication of Munachi is a courageous novel written by an author who had long nursed an irrepressible urge to address social issues of domestic violence, women independence, marital infidelity, materialism, and false religiousity. In this thrilling chronicle of social conundrums, Ifesinachi Okpagu tells her society that marriage is not the answer to all of life’s problems and should not always be viewed as a woman’s ultimate goal.

The Domestication of Munachi is a great read. Buy a copy now!


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