The Blood of A Stranger by Raymond Dele-Charley

The Blood of A Stranger is an interesting play written by a Sierra Leonean writer and playwright, Raymond Dele-Charley. This play was performed at the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) and won an award for the best play.

The play illustrates how Europeans, with the active collaboration of some unscrupulous Africans, exploited and stole Africa’s rich resources during the colonial era.


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  • PLOT

Maligu, the Chief Adviser to Santigi (King of Mando) receives a letter to the effect that a white man (Mr Whitehead) is coming to Mando for tobacco farming. He approaches Soko, the corrupt priest of Mando and convinces him to prophesy to the king and the people that they should welcome the visitor.

Meanwhile, Mando has witnessed a number of wars in the past and has not been accepting visitors. To them, visitors mean sickness, disease and war. However, because they view Soko as a trusted intermediary between them and the spirit of their forefathers, they welcome Mr. WhiteHead.

Kindo, the chief warrior and king’s son is suspicious of Soko’s claims having known Soko and Maligu to be corrupt men. On his arrival, Whitehead reveals to Maligu that his true motive is to harvest Mando diamonds and not tobacco farming. He plans to take advantage of the people’s ignorance by telling them that the diamonds are the devil’s stones. Whitehead has also lied to the king that he is going to help the village. Whitehead gives the people including the king, hard drug, gin and tobacco which intoxicate them and make them misbehave. This represents the bad influence of western culture. Whitehead attempts to rape Wara, Kindo’s woman but his plan fails. This represents the rape of Sierraleone’s (and indeed Africa’s) rich resources by the British (and other colonialists) during the colonial and pre-colonial era.

The story ends on a tragic note. Soko the priest is killed by Parker, Whitehead’s right hand man. Kindo finds out and kills Parker and exposes their evil plans. Maligu and Whitehead insist that Kindo should be banished in line with custom and tradition having killed Parker during peace time. The king banishes Kindo, his own son. Kindo kills Whitehead and leaves the village with his warriors. Kindo remains the voice of reason all through the play.


The Blood of A Stranger is a story of greed, selfish ambition, human deceit, corruption, and exploitation.


Its location is the village of Mando, old Sierraleone during the colonial era. The play is a tragedy with a linear plot structure.

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  1. Momoh MK Mustapha Reply

    Thank God this what i was looking for the pass Months. Can some one please comment on the character of Maligu in the blood of a stranger and Igao of Othello

    • oreoluwa opesanwo Reply

      maligu was the chief adviser to the king and a highly respected member of the governing elite of mando. because he was literate and has the kings confidence, people generally defer him except of course kindo the son of the king and as well as the chief warrior who see him as a deceptive man and also a corrupt and greedy person.

      • Shittu safiat Reply

        What was maligu and soko s plan in the beginning

        • Legendary Reply

          Maligu told soko to lie that the gods said, they should accept a stranger…..

  2. Momoh MK Mustapha Reply

    Thank God this what i was looking for the pass Months. Can some one please comment on the character of Maligu in the blood of a stranger and Iago of Othello

  3. Francis Reply

    U yet to read the book, but with your analysis I feel I already understand it’s content. Thanks

  4. Francis Reply

    I’m yet to read the book, but with your analysis I feel I already understand it’s content. Thanks

  5. baboucham Reply

    a country side,maligu,soko,Where d 1 who these obaye the costom and tradition of mando village and lead down the people of mandovillage.

  6. abdulfatai Reply

    am so happy 2 see diz play here and am thank god

  7. alhassan Reply

    I really understand this play and I am glad to see it here. thank you

  8. NC HAMMED Reply

    i admire and adore this book,because the writer was very intelligent

  9. Uzaaar Reply

    I read nd i understand the main characters. I apprte the author 4 dat

  10. Aliu Rabiu Ahmed Reply

    Through reading we come together we Africans to know our self Better! we all suffered in the Hands of white man!

  11. adam Reply

    i have read d text b for bt with dis i read again i used it to refresh my brain

  12. Gbadegesin Samson Reply

    wow! this is great.

  13. Hannah Arthurlina Reeves Reply

    Thnx guys for your contribution, u don’t know how much u’ve helped me. May the good lord bless u guyz.

  14. Kazeem Aisha Reply

    I really really enjoyed the play. And am surprised for seeing it here.

  15. Kazeem Aisha Reply

    I really really enjoyed the play. And its great thanks.

  16. ifeoluwa akinnibosun Reply

    i am yet to read the book but with your explanation,i get to understand the book

  17. Eze kingsley Reply

    Am looking forward to read the book but with this the story is clear for me and i must comment id is one of itz kind



  19. educator SEHINDEMI edamisan k Reply

    Although l have read it, it is a pointer to how Africa was raped by the so called colonial powers. Africa should wake and fight against corruption in her continent.

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      Ironically, decades after the exit of the colonial masters, we are still being raped by public office holders through grand corruption and abuse of office.

  20. Sandra dunkwu Reply

    Please Can someone discuss the symbolic relationship between drama and society in relation to this drama. Thanks

    • yemi Reply

      Drama is a reflection of what happens in society. It is often used to portray the ills and foibles of the society.

      “The blood of a stranger” is a satirical play showing how institutions that were once highly revered became desecrated by corruption. Soko, the priest of Mando whom the people considered a trusted intermediary between them and the gods abused his office by conspiring with Maligu, the Chief adviser to the king to deceive the people. The author also condemned the deception of colonialists as represented by Whitehead. Whitehead came to Mando in the guise of farming tobacco but his real intention was to steal Mando’s resources.

      The play, though written many years ago still addresses the problem of corruption prevalent in our society today. The rape and theft of our resources continue by those elected by the people into public offices.

      Corruption has engulfed most of our institutions. The events that took place in Mando mirrors the society we live in.


    Really great

  22. Sandra dunkwu Reply

    Please Can anyone discuss the symbolic relationship between drama and society. The discussion should reveal the perception and the philosophy of the play write of the play as reflected in the form and content of the play. Thanks.

  23. Sandra dunkwu Reply

    @yemi thank you very much.

  24. Collins Columba Nobri Reply

    Nice analysis

  25. Collins Columba Nobri Reply

    Nice analysis

  26. owoyele oluropo Reply

    pls I want to let us know that,present tense is used to analysis any play text.Thanks for this analysis, I have read the book.The book honestly is an award winning book.There is similarity between kindo and kurunmi.Both of them are traditionalist.Kindo tries to defend the tradition of the land in many occasions.He is not in support of giving room for visitors to come into the land at that particular period when god has spoken that no visitor should be allowed to enter the land.He also makes Whitehead to prostrate in the palace.It is because of his strong belief of tradition that makes him to kill Parker and whitehead(Both are the strangers which blood were used for the sacrifices )

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      @owoyele oluropo. Thanks for the observation and contribution. The analysis is now in the present tense.

      • Tommy Alpha Reply

        good day madam. Can you please help me with teachings and analysis on the books for this up coming WASSC EXAMS please.

  27. Amir Reply

    Thanks for helping me on this page

  28. obidrew Reply

    pls some1 help…why would some1 consider this play necessary for staging?

  29. Samuel obi Reply

    The novel should be a moral lesson to those who thinks dat they can exploit the natural resources of our country nd go scut free.

  30. Hassan Reply

    it’s a nice play Charley uses the protagonist Kindo in the center of d play a man who stand for what he believe and have respect for the customs and traditions of the land. which our leader of today lacks selling their birth right for “cocoa ebeh”

  31. emmanuella osonwa Reply

    can someone pls summarise all the characters in d novel

  32. SANZA, Kefas Agyas Reply

    Thank Santigi with his followers for their resistance against economic exploitation and colonialism in the play titled ‘the blood of a stranger’ by Raymond Dele Charley.

  33. kannae Angelina Reply

    Am so greatful,i really enjoyed the story,thanks a lot….

  34. mohamed koroma Reply

    Any way the book is so nice
    The Book, The Blood of A Stranger is a story of greed, selfish ambition, human deceit, corruption, and exploitation
    may Allah gives more to the Author for him to continue in writing good stories for us
    i can compare the character of Maligu, and the character of Ochuole
    both of them are sweet talkers
    hey know how to spoil someone’s future

  35. Moses David Reply

    Really appreciative

  36. Jessica Reply

    wow ! But nobody gave d significance of d characters

  37. Bakare funmi Reply

    why is the whitehead a sacrificial lamb of atonement in the blood of a stranger?

  38. Future Reply

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    i lv dis very page,tanks to d intelligent writer nd tanks be to God

  40. Tommy Alpha Reply

    can I please have the poetic devices used in the play. I am very much interested in this book.

  41. Ghehorghe D'yungstickxz Reply

    for the people writing senior waec get ursef ready on this play… it came out in the last mock exam

  42. Monday Reply

    Ma.pls can u discuss on the theme mention above.

  43. Jasmine Reply

    The white head and chief in the harvest of corruption deserved the same punishment due to their ingnorant and selfish behaviour

  44. Innocent Reply

    thank you and God bless you in Jesus’ name

  45. mi Reply

    please i ned d characters ,characterisation and they should explain the themes in the book.its really intresting.

  46. Akinwale Saheed Reply

    The book is total discription of what had happened in Nigeria and World at large.with a brief analysis,it break the meaning of the blood of a stranger into simplest form.It also expand my knowledge of history particularly sierra-lone.

  47. Pathfinder Prisca Reply

    I thank u al for ur support & observations i wish to know how d title relate to its theme


    Pls,i would like 2 know the explanation 2 the themes in this particular book.B’cos it are very important 2 no it.

  49. Samprince Reply

    I love it

  50. francis SB Reply

    pls cn i get the summary?

  51. creda Reply

    How can the theme of greed and ambition be relevant to the modern african state


    am greatful seing such work of art online but my question goes like this: can someone compare and contrast the of maligu and soko in the play to that of our so called corrupts leaders today?.and ways of remedying such corrupt issues.secondly if Kindo should face such a heartbreaking banishememet of his time then what will be the faith of those who will wish to stand for truth and justice in due time?.who knows what there end might yield as well.pls analyst help us.THANK YOU FOR THE EDUCATIVE POST.

  53. Olonya Reply

    strangers in Mando land are regarded as what?

  54. elios elijah Reply

    The blood of a stranger is another dynamites that exposes the greed that pervades the society while the colonial master uses it to their advantage. African is not free from these imperialist that kills our people under the guise if development. people like iago in othello n maligu are birds of a feather, no society can develop with saboteurs . Nigeria is still under the aprostrings of the colonialist

  55. Elios Elijah Reply

    This book also refreshes my mind on the movie ‘ blood diamond’, ‘ Roots’ and other movies, including the book ‘ The beautiful ones are not yet born ‘,’ man of the People ‘ African may never get out of of the wood except we change our mindsets which is the bane of our underdevelopment. Nigeria is gifted with sycophants, cassius and shylock. The people that advocates patronage of made in Nigeria products are themselves culpable of this developed world plague on Africa. We see them as superior, then our country a big dustbin for their products especially China. True federalism should be practiced, our leaders should live exemplary lives outside the shores of deceit and lies. Go back to farm, create enabling environment for SME’S to thrive then we can be rest assured that corruption would be reduced to its bearest minimum

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      Thanks for your comment. Though published many years ago, “the blood of a stranger” still captures much of what we go through as Africans. I agree with your view. However, I would like to stress that the “the return to farm” ideology should go hand in hand with industrialization. Agriculture alone can’t solve our present problems. We need to channel resources towards processing of our agric products for internal consumption and export. Through processing more jobs would be created for the teeming population.
      Once again, thanks for following.

  56. samuel Reply

    God bless you ma for a job welldone.More grace to your work ma

  57. Cyrus k Reply

    the play is interesting but I don’t like the ending and how it ended

  58. Ibraheem Abou K Baa Reply

    A very much educative play, God bless the playwright and the analyst.

  59. steph Reply

    pls explain the literary devices in the poem

  60. aboodiemmanuel Reply

    Weldone @ yemi. Even without reading the play, you have made me fell I am missing something big. Once again Weldon.

  61. Verngeex Reply

    plx Why maligu and soko are always against kindo??

  62. margaret innocent idio Reply

    we acted d book in our school with other schools and emerged d first position, i enjoyed it much and d one i saw here is also of help dat can help me in some analysis, thank u.

  63. Princess Ruth Ishaya Reply

    Dis rili helpin bravo to d owner of dis website

  64. joel sini Reply

    Please, why is wars considered the stranger in the village of mando

  65. joel sini Reply

    What those the blood of the stranger means ?

  66. abiodun Reply

    I haven’t read the book, but with this summary, i have an understanding of it.

  67. Olamide Reply

    How I Wish Maligu Was Kill

  68. timothy Reply

    how was parker a portray betrayer to Nigeria culture

  69. Moses Allieu sefoi kpundeh Reply

    Moses Allieu Sefoi Kpundeh;In the book the blood of a stranger.mando land is an uneducated community including their leaders but i found it so confusing with Maligu skills of reading.were did he acquired that skill knowing that his is not educated and to end it all due to there faith in false gods lead them in to being exploited by the whitehead and my own understanding the European colonialize Africa to exploits them both physical and the play we see them exploiting the resources of the people and also made them work for the whitehead instead of farming on their own land.

  70. bello quadri Reply

    please, can u provide the PDF file of all the literature texts especially the last good man and blood of stranger

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      No that would not be possible. They are not available in pdf. You have to buy from local bookstores.

  71. Iroegbu uzochukwu Reply

    Maligu is very greedy man,uncontented man

  72. Iroegbu uzochukwu Reply

    Blood of a stranger is very good play that teaches people lesson on how to be self contented

  73. Princess Reply

    this is this is really good.
    pls i will like someone to compare n contrast d characters of Kindo and Whitehead in this play, for me

  74. Wisdom Reply

    pls do u think Kindo does not love Wara?

  75. Bakano A. Murtala Reply

    Tremendous effort!

  76. Beyan Kpabee Reply

    the Drama is interesting and moreover wonderful because it gives information on how some strangers proclaim to be good but dangerous

  77. Tito Koah Reply

    Let your Summary Analysis in Complete for broad Understanding, most especially for Student and Jr. Secondary and Sr. Secondary levels.

  78. Tito Koah Reply

    Let your summary Analysis be complete for broad understanding, most especially for students at Jr. Secondary and Sr. Secondary levels.


    I personally love Kindos role and i pray we have people the world

  80. Fred Kartoe Reply

    Hi to you all I’m Fred Kartoe, A Liberian, a manager for fear God business center, I love this good analysis, thank you all for your contribution.

  81. foday marrah Reply

    Well understand about the plot but the theme need to be discuss in brief.


    I really love these story, afterall am still a student but i can understand what this book is saying since have read the content, themes etc.


    I want to use this privileged to let some students also like me to try to understand deeply of this book

  84. JOSHUA Reply

    although im looking forward to reading the book bt d summary is now ok tankz nd GOD bless You

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      I advise you read the book. Summary is not enough.

  85. med Reply

    I’m really baffle how to write relationship between two characters. I really need your aide in theat area,thanks.

  86. samson emmanuel Reply

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  87. Sekou V.Jabateh Reply

    Thanks to the playwright for the interesting story and the work of kindo the king son

  88. opara confidence Reply

    thanks for your wonderful story as it opens our eyes to see all that cheating from the white during our colonial masters. please can you just clear me to know who are tragic flaw in this drama

  89. Ifeoluwa loveth Reply

    I am so happy 2 did wonderful play Re .thanks so much

  90. Unutata Gloria Reply

    Why is Parker a disgrace to Africa’s culture and how

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