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Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche

Harvest of Corruption is a play (drama) written by Frank Ogbeche to condemn the ills and foibles of the contemporary Nigerian society. The play is a satire illustrating how corruption permeates the fabric of the Nigerian society and affects institutions like the police force, the judiciary, and government ministries.

The play revolves mostly around Aloho, a naïve and jobless university graduate who is desperately searching for a job. Her meeting with Ochuole, a notorious old school mate of hers leads to a series of events which lend credence to the popular saying ‘You reap what you sow’. (more…)

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WAEC/NECO Literature Study Guide

If you’ve been following the bookconvo site (www.bookconvo.com), you’ll observe that it’s been down for some time now. There were some technical hitches leading to loss of data. I sincerely apologise for not doing a proper back up of the site and take full responsibility for the loss of all your insightful comments. Luckily though, I was able to rescue the literature study guide comprising reviews of Lonely Days, Faceless, Blood of A Stranger, Harvest of Corruption and the African poems.

I redirected the site to bookstomydoor.com, an online bookstore which I set up to cater to the needs of readers and literary enthusiasts like me who can’t just get enough of books.

In the next couple of days, I would be posting reviews of  Lonely Days, Faceless, Blood of A Stranger, Harvest of Corruption and the African poems salvaged from the site.

Feel free to ask questions as there a number of literature teachers who are willing to participate in the discussions. I look forward to your comments and contributions.

You can also buy The Complete Guide to Literature in English for a better understanding of all the African and non-African texts and poems.

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