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Naughty by Dayo Abdul

naughty front cover for blog

Two words describe this book- uncommon brilliance. In spite of my busy schedule, I couldn’t resist a second read. Naughty is a well-researched, well-written and easy-to-read children science fiction that would whet the imagination of every child. It’s the story of five curious pupils who got trapped in a space ship mounted on rockets during a field trip to the John Glenn Research Centre.

I am particularly enthralled by the author’s simplistic description of the “Wanderer N5” to her young audience. Also, the pictorial illustrations in Naughty are quite alluring and would sustain the interest of young readers.

I can’t wait to have the second part of this brilliant story. I’ll keep it for my little boy till he’s able to read.

With the author’s permission, I have put up the e-book for free download. Download.



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