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All I Ever Wanted Was to Be Called Mom

all-i-ever-wantedWhen I got a request for the review of this book, my plan at first was to read a few pages every other day as I had books to review. Eventually, I got stuck with it and couldn’t simply put it away. It’s the true life story of a couple’s agonising and painful quest for a child of their own. Steve and Vaso Petrous share their story of failed and successful IVFs, their traumatising childbirth experience, Vaso’s close shave with death, and how they survived. As much as it is a story of pain, it is also a story of faith, resilience and hope. It is a must read for every couple waiting to have their own child. I assure that you will draw a lot of inspiration from this book.

However, I kept wondering why the authors did not seriously consider adoption when it was obvious there were so many odds against them.  I guess they preferred a biological child (you know the feeling) and I’m glad they succeeded.

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