Christian Home in A Contemporary Society

Saturday, 22nd August 2015 was an eventful day for the  bookstomydoor crew as they joined the pastor and members of Victory Baptist Church, Baruwa Ipaja Lagos in the launch of the debut book titled  Christian Home In A Contemporary Society written by the church pastor, Rev. J.E Fatoye. Find below an excerpt of the interview we had with the author.

Q: Tell us about your Ministry

A: The Lord has given me the grace to pastor a growing church which is a member of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. I’m a prophetic preacher and a teacher of the Scriptures. My area of ministry is to preach the word, teach it and pray it just like the apostles of old.

Q. What’s your motivation for this book?

A. Since my call to the Ministry, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring, counselling and teaching quite a number of Christians who are either married or planning to get married. An insight came based on my experience with young people who challenged me to put all my teachings on marriage in the form of a book. This combined with my marital experience provided a platform for the writing of the bookChristian Home in A Contemporary Society.

Q. Could you tell us in brief what the book is all about?

A. The book aims at helping the church to address some burning issues in christian homes. Its target audience is the Christian community as some of the ideas in the book may not be acceptable to non-Christians. It seeks to correct unhelpful marital traditions and perceptions. It addresses problem prone areas in marriage such as finance (money), in-law matters and sexual relations. Briefly, it teaches God’s plan for the institution of marriage; provides an insight of the contemporary society where we live in; teaches couples and would-be couples to live above misconceptions on marriage; and provides a roadmap for a peaceful home for the single, married and separated.

The foreword was written by Rev.Dr. Adeniji, the President of the Lagos Baptist West Conference.

Q. Is this your first book?

A. Yes, it’s my first book. A second one would come soon. I want to say that in spite of e-books and computerised reading, print books are still relevant. Though I read e-books, I find reading in print more effective.

Q. How would you describe your marriage?

A. I got married to my wife, Yemi Fatoye on 2nd November, 2002. Though we faced some challenges in the early part of the marriage especially as we had to wait for about 3 years before having our first child, our marriage has been glorious. I often tell couples that procreation is not the only essence of marriage. This is addressed in the first chapter of the book.

Q: What’s your advice for intending couples?

A. My advice for intending couples is to be grounded in the word of God and sound doctrine. They should build their home on the surest foundation which is Christ. Most importantly, marriage must be between two persons of same faith but of different sex,

Q: What’s your view on gay marriage?

A. It’s unbiblical and traditionally unacceptable. Even in the community of animals, gender differences are respected. This is also the stance of both the Southern American Baptist Convention and the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

Q. What advice do you have for couples whose homes are on the brink of collapse?

A: First, they should seek for a christian counselor, if possible the pastor who wedded them. Extended family may interfere in some cases with the sole aim of resolving the conflict. However, they should not compound it. Lastly, the couple should learn to accept faults and forgive each other because marriage is a union of two forgivers.

Rev. Fatoye signing a copy of the book "Christian Home in a Contemporary Society" for bookstomydoor

Rev. Fatoye signing a copy of the book “Christian Home in a Contemporary Society” for bookstomydoor

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