buy low-priced books within Nigeria

Buy Low-priced Books within Nigeria

Books are a powerful tool. You could read to learn how to make money and improve on personal finance. You can also read for leisure, inspiration, motivation or how to grow spiritually

Searching for a book can sometimes be very daunting especially if you have gone round local bookshops and got the three most dreaded words that every book lover hates to hear- “out-of-stock”.

With the advent of the internet, book buying has been made easy. With a few mouse clicks, you can find your preferred book title and have it delivered to you effortlessly.

Are you looking for an online bookshop that offers efficient book service delivery at low prices? Look no further. Bookstomydoor has been set up with your reading interest in mind.

Bookstomydoor is an  online bookstore, a one-stop bookshop to meet your book needs. Order educational, entertaining and life-transforming books online. You no longer have to wander under the blazing sun in search of your favourite titles. We will bring them straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria and even throughout the world.  What’s more, we run a shop without borders as we partner with stores within and outside Nigeria to source for your preferred books not listed on our site. What gives us pleasure is the joy you derive from laying your hands on your most-sought after title.

Our collection cuts across all genres- Christian, motivational/self-help, children, health/diet, business, leadership, finance, Islamic, African literature, fiction, non-fiction, life and style, biographies/autobiographies and professional books.

Bookstomydoor is powered by Bookconvo resources, a book service company duly registered in Nigeria.

We are passionate about your reading interests as we are readers ourselves. Hence, we constantly research the market to bring trending books across all genres thus keeping you abreast of current book titles.

We understand that when you order a book, you like to have it delivered fast. We sustain your enthusiasm by employing the quickest delivery methods at pocket-friendly rates.

Have you been searching online for a book and can’t seem to find it? Contact us. We would go round Nigeria and the world to get the book for you.

We are building a community of readers and we want you to be part of that community. You are more than just a customer, you are a part of a growing community of happy readers.

Our vision is to be the most reliable and efficient online bookstore in Nigeria delivering books to you at low prices. To accomplish this vision, we offer a 24 hour book delivery service within Lagos and 48-72hour delivery outside Lagos.


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    Please i need you to give of the tips of answering literature question according to Waec marking guide

    • Dayo Okubule Reply

      I would look into that. It would require bringing on board literature teachers especially WAEC/NECO examiners.

      • Monday Douglas Reply

        Good day,please I have HND in public administration did my NYSC and still want to go for law please can it be with pass in literature.

        • Dayo Okubule Reply

          @Monday Douglas. You need at least a credit pass in literature to study law.

  2. Mohamed Bah Reply

    i want you to tell the books i should concentrate on.i was not been doing them.i only knows book like woman in her prime,women of owu,lord of the flies etc and now they have been cancil.i would had been sat to waec 2015 but due to certain circumstances,now unless 2016.that is why i seriously need your help so that they won’t strange nor neither difficult to me anymore please

  3. Mohamed Bah Reply

    please help me i’m already late,but i believe with the help of you and GOD ALMIGHTY it will be easy for me during the exam.

  4. niggur Reply

    Jeez! wha kind of English is that? @mohamed. you a literature student nd you speaking like this? ain’t trying to insult you or something, i’m jus saying you really need to breed your vocabs before sitting for an external exam. No offense bro✌

  5. Sweet stories Reply

    Pls i,m seriously in need of the summary of harvest of corruption…

  6. Francis Reply

    @Mohammed Bah. .. The books you need to concentrate on are:
    Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Igbeche .
    Blood of a Stranger by Raymond Caleb Ayodele
    She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith
    Othello By William Shakespeare
    A Raisin In The Sun by Lorrain Vivian Hensberry.

    I hope this is helpful, even though it came late.



  8. oluwatoyin Reply

    native son i need a summary of it. please it urgent

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