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School Fees: How much is too much?

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With the recent hike in the cost of goods and services, many schools (primary, secondary and even some tertiary institutions) have upwardly reviewed their fees. Most parents are in a dilemma as they tinker with the idea of changing their children/wards’ schools. But like we all know, there are lot of things to consider when changing schools. First is the hard task of preparing the child psychologically for the change (trust me this is not an easy task at all). Then comes the main challenge of shopping for a desirable school, at least something of about the same standard as the former one.

However, if the increase in school fees is the only reason you want to jump ship, you may be tempted to just stick it out even in the face of dwindling finances. How do we find a balance between quality education and the need to live within means? There comes the question: How much school fees is too much school fees? I eagerly await your comments and contributions.

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