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Make Money With Sellable Skills

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The alarming rate of unemployment among youths is mind-boggling. It’s a common trend to see people graduate for many years without a job. The problem of unemployment has generated so much interest that some unscrupulous individuals and organisations are beginning to cash in on the situation to extort unsuspecting job-seekers. Eradicating unemployment is fast becoming a million dollar enterprise.

All around major cities, you will see photocopied and hurriedly written vacancy posters littering the walls- “Night workers wanted in a factory”; “Hotel Manager wanted- salary from N70, 000”. One wonders what time of the day such notices are posted. Many job-seekers who yield to such adverts share stories of how they were lured into different ponzi schemes and made to lose the little money they had on them. (more…)

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The Blood of A Stranger by Raymond Dele-Charley

The Blood of A Stranger is an interesting play written by a Sierra Leonean writer and playwright, Raymond Dele-Charley. This play was performed at the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) and won an award for the best play.

The play illustrates how Europeans, with the active collaboration of some unscrupulous Africans, exploited and stole Africa’s rich resources during the colonial era. (more…)

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Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo Ogbeche

Harvest of Corruption is a play (drama) written by Frank Ogbeche to condemn the ills and foibles of the contemporary Nigerian society. The play is a satire illustrating how corruption permeates the fabric of the Nigerian society and affects institutions like the police force, the judiciary, and government ministries.

The play revolves mostly around Aloho, a naïve and jobless university graduate who is desperately searching for a job. Her meeting with Ochuole, a notorious old school mate of hers leads to a series of events which lend credence to the popular saying ‘You reap what you sow’. (more…)

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Faceless by Amma Darko


Faceless is the pathetic and gripping story of children plunged into the streets by poverty and parental neglect. Amma Darko in very graphic details presents mind-boggling sociological issues of child-neglect, child abuse, defilement of girls, gender, child-trafficking, child-labour, absent fathers, reproductive health risks, violence and failed governance through the grim experiences of street children. (more…)

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Naughty by Dayo Abdul

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Two words describe this book- uncommon brilliance. In spite of my busy schedule, I couldn’t resist a second read. Naughty is a well-researched, well-written and easy-to-read children science fiction that would whet the imagination of every child. It’s the story of five curious pupils who got trapped in a space ship mounted on rockets during a field trip to the John Glenn Research Centre.

I am particularly enthralled by the author’s simplistic description of the “Wanderer N5” to her young audience. Also, the pictorial illustrations in Naughty are quite alluring and would sustain the interest of young readers.

I can’t wait to have the second part of this brilliant story. I’ll keep it for my little boy till he’s able to read.

With the author’s permission, I have put up the e-book for free download. Download.



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Buy Low-priced Books within Nigeria

buy low-priced books within Nigeria

Books are a powerful tool. You could read to learn how to make money and improve on personal finance. You can also read for leisure, inspiration, motivation or how to grow spiritually

Searching for a book can sometimes be very daunting especially if you have gone round local bookshops and got the three most dreaded words that every book lover hates to hear- “out-of-stock”.

With the advent of the internet, book buying has been made easy. With a few mouse clicks, you can find your preferred book title and have it delivered to you effortlessly.

Are you looking for an online bookshop that offers efficient book service delivery at low prices? Look no further. Bookstomydoor has been set up with your reading interest in mind.

Bookstomydoor is an  online bookstore, a one-stop bookshop to meet your book needs. Order educational, entertaining and life-transforming books online. You no longer have to wander under the blazing sun in search of your favourite titles. We will bring them straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria and even throughout the world.  What’s more, we run a shop without borders as we partner with stores within and outside Nigeria to source for your preferred books not listed on our site. What gives us pleasure is the joy you derive from laying your hands on your most-sought after title.

Our collection cuts across all genres- Christian, motivational/self-help, children, health/diet, business, leadership, finance, Islamic, African literature, fiction, non-fiction, life and style, biographies/autobiographies and professional books.

Bookstomydoor is powered by Bookconvo resources, a book service company duly registered in Nigeria.

We are passionate about your reading interests as we are readers ourselves. Hence, we constantly research the market to bring trending books across all genres thus keeping you abreast of current book titles.

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